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It’s simple. An SEO consultant works with your team to provide SEO strategy and ideas. We can also help implement SEO work as needed. An expert SEO consultant will work with your internal team to create a plan and be an extension of your team. The goal is to raise your keywords to the top of the search engines, driving more organic traffic and conversions.

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Give your website the competitive edge it needs with SEO consulting services from OuterBox. With over 17 years of experience in helping companies grow on Google, our professional SEO consultants know what it takes to achieve top rankings, the first spot on search engine results pages, increased traffic, and more conversions. With our SEO experts’ help, you’ll gain an understanding of where your best search engine optimization opportunities lie, a roadmap for on-site and off-site SEO implementation, and a partner in your business success.

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Actual SEO consulting results – Over 450% organic traffic increase.

Our SEO Consulting Services Include:

Our SEO consulting services include everything you need to gain a better understanding of where you are in the search results, where you can go, and how you can get there. Each website is different, so every SEO plan is different as well. Below is a list of what our SEO consulting services can include, depending on your goals.

Detailed SEO Audit

Our team of SEO strategists and SEO specialists will dig deep into your website to find search engine optimization opportunities and areas for refinement. Our audits cover all aspects of what is best for SEO, including on-page optimizations, content, off-site optimizations, HTML markup, backlinks, site structure, and more. We’ll come to you with a plan to optimize title tags, meta descriptions, fix 404’s, broken links, and set your site up to rank higher.

Keyword Research & Planning

To develop a plan for attaining top rankings and driving more search engine traffic, our SEO consultants will conduct in-depth keyword research to determine what keywords would make the most sense to target. Our past experience, working with businesses in similar industries or with relatable site layouts, allows us to deliver proven action items, making us a standout consulting firm

Roadmap for SEO Success

Once an audit is complete, our team will outline a plan for improvement, starting with what would make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time. Our roadmaps take your goals and current keyword rankings into account and include both short-term and long-term SEO projects.

SEO Implementation Guidance

Our team has years of experience in not only developing effective SEO strategies but also implementing them on a variety of platforms. As part of our SEO consulting service, our team will work with you on adopting best practices for implementation, developing guides and resources for educating the rest of your team, and providing suggestions with background on why you should consider them. We will also review any changes made, review HTML markup, help develop authoritative informative content and monitor the results of your SEO campaign. Our goal is to empower your marketing team to take SEO best practices into consideration when adding anything new to your site. We’re always available to answer questions on any subject from technical SEO to ways to boost your conversion rates.

Competitor SEO Analysis

If SEO is important to you, chances are it is important to your competition. Our SEO consultants will delve deep into what your top competitors are doing well with SEO, what they are not doing, and how to best leverage this information for your site. We will look into their on-page optimization tactics, what keywords they are targeting, the content strategy of the site, and the backlink strategy. Through our research, our goal will be to reverse engineer what your competition is doing and discover opportunities to rank your site ahead of theirs. From actionable tasks to boost your online presence to more advanced strategies such as latent semantic indexing (LSI), our report will break how to grow the business online.

Backlink Audit & Link Profile Consulting

A backlink profile can make or break a site. Using a variety of tools, we will analyze your backlink profile to determine if it’s helping or hurting your rankings. We will then develop a plan for fixing, improving, and building upon your existing links to help your search engine optimization. We also provide this service on an ongoing monitoring basis, working to keep your backlink profile in good standing as Google updates its algorithm and makes changes to how your backlink profile affects your rankings.

High-Quality Link Building

Once our team has audited your incoming links and backlink profile, we will research unique and relevant link-building opportunities for your site. In any link-building campaign, our SEO consultants strive for quality backlinks, not massive quantities of low-quality links. We will take your industry, services, and opportunities into consideration to layout a link-building plan and help with the execution. Learn more about our SEO link-building services.

Website Redesign Consultation

If you are planning on redesigning your site, you need an SEO company. Redesigns are far more than just visual and are a great opportunity to build in best SEO practices. If your business is engaging in or considering a redesign, our SEO consultants will provide visual design feedback, conversion recommendations, review your site structure, check content, provide foundational on-page optimization, and identify all the redirects you need to maintain user experience, backlinks, and rankings. Bringing an SEO consulting company on board during a redesign can prevent catastrophic SEO mistakes that can take you backward in traffic and rankings. Our goal is to create a well-rounded online presence for your business.

SEO Consulting Services

SEO consulting services are intricate and often confusing. It’s important to understand that SEO is a learning curve, if you don’t understand it at first you are just like everyone else. This is why it can be very helpful for newcomers to work closely with an SEO consultant.

Consultants help educate you on what they are doing for SEO and how it is impacting your business or organization. As a backup guide to everything SEO, the 2020 SEO Glossary covers the entire suite of SEO considerations, updated to the 2020 search world.

SEO Help

SEO and Google

Google constantly updates its algorithm, which is the foundation of how certain websites have better search results than others. A well optimized website means constant adjustments and the use of SEO tools such as Google Analytics. To learn about how Google has changed its algorithm over time see this article Google Algorithm Update History. This article takes a chronological look at how the search engine we all know has changed over the years, and relates it to SEO best practices.

However in depth you wish to learn about Google’s algorithm is a personal choice. The good news is that to utilize SEO for a business or website, you don’t need to completely understand the industry. SEO is such a broad world that most companies reach out to SEO professionals to get help with their search strategy.

On-site SEO

On-site SEO involves consulting services that only change a website itself. Many think of SEO work as off-site, like link building and social signals. However, before you begin to build off-site SEO, a consulting company will evaluate the many ways a website can better rank within Google’s algorithm by changing the content on the website itself. This is why many SEO experts are web developers. Below are a few important features of on-site web page SEO.

Quality content and keyword density. These terms refer to the body of text and multimedia content added to a website. What should be known about this aspect of SEO, is that it is a delicate balance. SEO consulting services will provide clear and calculated advice on what to use for the best results. SEO will help grow a website’s visibility through the creation of quality content.

Off-site SEO

The largest part of hiring consultants to work on a webpage doing SEO is to understand that the world of SEO is a delicate balance. In depth knowledge of Google’s search algorithm and industry standards for how to optimize a website is required.

It is easy to both over-optimize and under-optimize. SEO consultants and search professionals have the knowledge and real time data to target a perfect balance of optimization so as to guarantee the best results.

To learn more about details regarding on-site and off-site SEO see the following article, What are the differences between on-site SEO and off-site-SEO?, which offers in-depth explanations of some of the terms discussed above and more.

SEO Consulting Companies

SEO Consulting Companies

So what does an SEO consultant do? An SEO consulting company will be tasked with many different responsibilities. Essentially, SEO consulting companies offer a full service analysis of a website’s existing SEO and offer strategies on how to better optimize a website.

What Does an SEO Consulting Company Do?

SEO consulting companies can offer a host of solutions to SEO problems for any website. Their consultants offer the ability for a website to stay relevant online, get found by potential customers, remain competitive in your industry and much more.

SEO Consulting Services

Why do I need good SEO?

Organic search results (generated by SEO) are the most trusted search engine results. SEO helps brands establish credibility and trustworthiness. SEO drives on-site engagement and conversions. In addition, user experience is rated much higher with the help of SEO. Lastly, SEO practices are constantly being updated and changing.

Think of an SEO consulting company as a caretaker for your website. They maintain what you have, update old content, and provide high quality new content that matches directly with a pre-determined search strategy.

Why is SEO a Barrier for Relevance?

SEO is still very important in 2020. People use search engines, mainly Google, to find content and search out products and services. What we have learned about SEO in 2020 is that strategy is more important than ever.

If you are not using SEO to help your business, this will not only lower your ranking within Google’s algorithm, but will make it easier for other websites to surpass you. SEO is not a business choice anymore, it’s a business necessity.

As a result, SEO consulting services are more important than ever. The most important thing a business could do is hire trained and experienced professionals to implement SEO strategy for their website. It is becoming more and more important to strike a balance in SEO strategy, since over optimizing and under optimizing are being recognized as equally negative for web traffic.

SEO Consultants

SEO consulting

Brodie Clark is a highly experienced Melbourne SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) consultant and expert that works with well-known, mid- to large-sized companies globally. Named a top SEO expert to follow in 2021 and the Young Search Professional of the Year in 2019, Brodie’s work is highly regarded. Brodie is regularly featured on the most respected SEO publications and demand for his SEO Consulting in Melbourne and internationally is high.

SEO Consultant: What Makes a Great SEO Specialist?

The status of professional SEO consultant is reaching the forefront in every sector. In such a competitive market, SEO positioning has become one of the top priorities for companies who no longer doubt the importance of organic traffic from search engines in their business strategies.

An SEO consultant is a professional who uses their own set of techniques, knowledge, and skills to help a company achieve its goals in terms of positioning, particularly on Google. Businesses hire such an expert to gain more qualified organic traffic to their websites. As a result, they achieve sustained growth for a specific project or for their overall brand.

SEO consulting services have always been part of the market. Yet, over the years, the profession has become more prominent. Constant changes to the algorithm, multiple positioning factors, and the significant amount of time it takes to get to know and understand them have made the demand for SEO specialists go steadily up.

Companies turn to professional SEO consultants for their extensive knowledge and experience in their area of expertise. Most of them know how to increase traffic to any website by utilising various techniques. However, not all are able to turn a website with no traffic at all into a reference in its own industry, which is an invaluable talent companies don’t fail to recognise.

What techniques should a good SEO consultant master?

  • Keyword analysis: selecting the best keywords always affects the results directly, both in terms of ranking and in terms of traffic opportunities. A good SEO consultant should know how to carry out keyword research and choose the right expressions according to their client’s project.
  • Link building: external linking determines the authority of a website, which in turn tells Google how well versed the website is in a given topic. Good link building speeds up a website’s growth process and increases its authority more rapidly as well, thus boosting organic traffic and customer acquisition.
  • Analytics tools: in SEO, measuring is just as important as actually doing. SEO analytics tools allow us to know whether the actions we carry out are working and meeting our expectations. A good SEO consultant should therefore be proficient at Google Analytics, Search Console, Screaming Frog, SemRush, Ahrefs, and many more.
  • Search engine algorithms: Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing, operate according to ever-evolving algorithms which are becoming increasingly complex and similar to the human mind. Understanding how they work and keeping up with any possible changes is crucial for an SEO consultant.
  • Web architecture: On Page SEO ensures that a website’s structure is the best match for its own characteristics. Selecting the most appropriate architecture not only for Google, but also for the user, is instrumental in the success of any website. One with poor On Page SEO is not likely to rank high in the search results.
  • Content: content is still king, which means that an SEO specialist must be able to create the most suitable content for a website. Content is a powerful ranking factor capable of attracting qualified users which, in the case of companies, may become potential customers.
  • Trends: Ranking trends are constantly evolving, and what works today may not work tomorrow, which is exactly why, in marketing, it is so important to monitor and measure everything we do. Knowing the latest trends and even anticipating them by detecting early signs of change can set a website on a completely different path.
  • Advice: any good SEO consultant, regardless of their specific sector, should know how to transmit their knowledge to their clients successfully. It is essential that they should know how to make others understand the path to follow. This means their communication skills should be excellent and conducive to collaborative work on various projects.

In addition to the skills above, other elements make the difference between good and great SEO consulting services. Personal skills, for instance, make for better results as they condition the quality of the work to a significant extent. These include being:

  • User-orientated: Google has become a neural network, gradually learning what users like and dislike. This means the puritanical approach to SEO of yesteryear is proving less and less effective, as it was tailored for the benefit of search engines. A good SEO consultant now knows that satisfying search intent and user needs is essential.
  • Analytical: being an analytical and detail-oriented person is a must in SEO. Analysis plays an integral part in the planning, in the execution, and in measuring the results of an SEO strategy. Being able to perform a reliable analysis is what allows you to make the right call.
  • Strategic: behind any well-positioned website always stands a talented strategist who knows how to keep ROI goals in mind. The SEO consultant is in charge of defining the strategy to follow in the short, medium, and long-term. If they cannot define a clear, precise, and sound strategy, achieving the objectives set will prove very difficult.
  • Ambitious: a good SEO consultant is never satisfied, they always want more and more, nothing is ever enough. Even when they reach the top position, they want to keep working to achieve other milestones and remain an industry leader.
  • Realistic: on the other hand, they should also be realistic. It may seem contradictory, but it really is not. The goal is to achieve the best possible results with the resources at their disposal, as no one can hope to reach position 0 without the appropriate tools or budget.
  • Patient: no SEO strategy can be well executed without projecting it in the medium or long term. Google doesn’t like tricks or gimmicks, so you can’t cheat your way to the top. It is better to be patient and to progress slowly but surely. Haste and SEO don’t go well together, and an SEO specialist should keep that in mind if they want a project to succeed in the long run.
  • Communicative: using technical jargon is all very well among peers, but for most humans, it is difficult to comprehend. Choosing a language that is simple and easy to grasp is crucial when addressing clients who need to understand and feel confident about what is being done. A good consultant needs to show their clients why the path they have chosen will eventually yield results.

Here’s how I’m different
to other Melbourne SEO experts


At the 2019 Australian Search Awards held at the Sydney Opera House I was awarded Young Search Professional of the Year. This was from a shortlist of 10 of Australia’s top Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists and experts under the age of 30.

“This was a very impressive winner, their knowledge and understanding of SEO is remarkable. This winner is on the brink of becoming a key serious player in the SEO world due to their outstanding energy and potential."

Thought Leader

My writing is regularly featured in the three largest and most respected SEO publications. You can find my VIP contributor column at Search Engine Journal, alongside columns at Search Engine Land and Moz. With frequent appearances in newletters such as the Moz Top 10, #SEOFOMO and plenty more.

While writing is what I’m best-known for in the SEO industry, I’ve also presented at various SEO conferences and events within Australia, the UK and Canada. This includes SMX Advanced, BrightonSEO’s Science of Search Summit, Whitespark’s Local Search Summit and more.

In High Demand

I receive a high volume of enquiries for my SEO consulting, and don’t always have the capacity to take on new projects. Being an independent SEO consultant Melbourne, I complete all work myself and only work directly with clients. I offer one-off Consulting (see Featured Snippets case study), but retainer engagements are more common (see Google Discover case study).

Project focus could be anything from technical SEO work for publishers, to local SEO projects for multinationals. I encourage reaching out if you’re interested, because I may know someone suitable if I don’t currently have capacity.

Trusted globally
by the best-of-
the-best in SEO

Cyrus Shepard

Aleyda Solis

“Brodie is one of the smartest and nicest strategical SEOs, always willing to share his excellent findings and insights with the community! I wouldn’t doubt to hire him for in-depth SEO analysis and reliable consulting or advice.”

John Mueller

Search Advocate at “Brodie regularly does awesome stuff that I even pass on to folks internally at Google”

SEO consulting

For the promotion to work with 100% feedback, it needs to be configured. The more finely the strategy is tuned, the more points of growth can be found, the more dynamic the development, and the less time it will take to get the desired commercial result. The promotion strategy we develop takes into account the individual characteristics of your project. If the results of SEO optimization consulting tell that you need “a proven set of actions” – you’re being scammed. All-purpose strategies don’t work. Only an individual approach does.

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SEO consulting

Want to be in the top of search results, get the most out of your website, and seize opportunities for growth? Leave a request on the FIVE.MEDIA website to order expert SEO consulting services and get traffic growth in the near future. The questions we’ll answer:

FIVE.MEDIA agency employs smart and courageous SEO specialists who are used to setting ambitious plans for themselves and fulfilling them 100%. The more difficult the task, the more interesting it is to work on it. Our track record includes a dozen years of experience and dozens of promoted projects: online stores, real estate agencies, dating sites, film studios, etc.

In 2018, we invested a lot in building a website, but we didn’t bother with SEO. We were betting on the uniqueness of the product, so we had no worries that our site wouldn’t make it. As a result, it couldn’t even pay off for quite a while. In December 2018, we contacted for advice. The guys took a responsible approach to the task, helped with implementing the changes, fixed all our mess-ups (content, metadata, semantics . ) within a month, and a week later the traffic went up, and after a month it grew ~ 10 times.


Had a great time working together. In one consultation, they gave me a detailed action plan for promoting my site and social media account. Thanks to FIVE.MEDIA, I quickly formed my client base. Still growing.


We set a task for to beat the competitors in Serps in 2 months and hold positions for at least the next six months. The competition in online lending is very intense, so there were doubts if we could get to the top. The guys from ran the site’s audit and found the cause of indexing problems, told our webmasters what to change and where. We reached the top 10 in six months, but the traffic is still growing. If the trend persists, we’ll soon make it to the leaders. Thank you!


When to consult an SEO specialist?

For a new website

Eliminate unnecessary costs.
Making an SEO-friendly website from scratch is easier and cheaper than ordering SEO marketing consulting for a project that has already fallen short of the owner’s expectations. You can fix the indexing errors for an already running site. However, the effort will be much more profitable if it’s used to avoid mistakes instead of correcting them.

You need experience and knowledge

Become more adaptable.
Seasoned SEO consulting experts will point out mistakes and fill in the gaps in your knowledge. But specialized knowledge isn’t enough. SEO is all about understanding the patterns of the changing competitive space like online business. This is why the experience and business acumen are FIVE.MEDIA’s main assets.

You need to study your contractors

Check your specialists’ expertise.
The FIVE.MEDIA website promotion and optimization consultation will show you the real level of SEO skills to expect from your contractor or staff. Leave a request if you doubt the integrity of their work and don’t want to lose opportunities for growth due to poorly qualified employees.

Promotion budget is limited

Pay only for results only.
If the budget is tight and the contractor is eager to do as much as possible, go for SEO consulting and you won’t have to pay for everything. In SEO consulting, the price is the money spent on reducing your expenses. Thanks to it, you’ll find out what to look for and which promotion techniques to neglect in the first place.

You need fresh ideas

Resume traffic growth.
The promotion brought a traffic boost, but it has stopped or is fluctuating within the previous limits? This means your promotion team has run out of ideas that work. In such cases, an SEO consultation from a pro optimizer will adjust the marketing strategy and open new traffic growth points visible only from the outside.

The website began losing positions

Eliminate problems, and bring the site back to the top.
The site began dramatically losing traffic and positions in search results, and you or your SEO specialists can’t tell why the key indicators dropped? In such situations, the sooner you start to act, the more painlessly the crisis will pass. Get advice and find out what led to the decrease in dynamics, how to stop the fall, and return to the previous indicators ASAP. It’s important.

Our Expertise

Technical Audits

As with all SEO services, the core foundation is a technical SEO audit of your website. Our audits dig deep into your performance, site structure and technical elements to identify any areas that are currently holding you back from achieving much better search results.

Full Scale Strategies

Our SEO strategies leave no stone unturned. Focussing on keyword research and mapping, on-site content, site structure and technical fixes, we provide you with an SEO strategy that will alleviate the issues you are currently experiencing as well as exploring new opportunities to get ahead of your competition.

SEO Roadmaps

Providing you with an SEO roadmap is vital to our service. Having an agreed timeline to work towards allows all parties involved to have a clear vision of what we’re working towards and gives a solid structure to ensure work is done as efficiently as possible.

Performance Meetings

Monthly performance meetings give the perfect opportunity to catch-up with the wider team(s), discuss any updates that are vital to the work progressing and are a great place to discuss performance updates and share the successes of previous optimisations.

Tracking and Reporting

Actioning fixes and improving your website is fantastic, but if you aren’t tracking and reporting on it properly, you’ll never truly see your progress. We work with you to ensure your tracking is set up correctly and accurately, alongside helping you build a reporting dashboard to monitor your success

SEO Consultancy

Our team of experts are on hand to answer any queries you have, provide clear explanations and descriptions of all work that needs to be done, and be instrumental in ensuring that your SEO performance improves and turns you into an industry leading powerhouse.

SEO Consultant

Basically, any consultant is an expert who is paid by individuals or companies to give advice on a given subject. The principle remains the same for an SEO consultant.
This is a search engine optimization expert who gets paid by companies or website owners to give advice on how to get good SERP positioning, quality traffic and better conversion rate on the client’s website.

A good SEO consultant should:
– Have a minimum of knowledge of the sector of activity of his client in order to set up coherent and truly effective SEO strategies;
– Being able to study the profile of Internet users in order to understand and meet their needs;
– Obtain better SEO results and a better ROI (return on investment) for the client;
– Master the basics of web programming, in particular HTML, CSS and PHP languages;
– Master the functioning of the search engine algorithm;
– Master the functioning of the web;
– Being able to know how to use the different SEO tools;
– Master the office tools of the Windows Office package.

An SEO consultant should also be:
– Curious and rigorous for a job well done;
– Humble to learn from the constructive criticism of its collaborators and its customers;
– Reactive enough to make the right decisions in the event of unforeseen events.

During an SEO campaign, the SEO consultant is called upon to accomplish several missions including:
– Technical SEO audit;
– Content audit;
– Backlink audit;
– Keyword research;
– SEO analysis of the competitive environment;
– Campaign to create backlinks;
– Consultation on website redesign.

As an SEO consultant in Paris, I have chosen to remain faithful to a few principles to distinguish myself from others, namely:
– A pure SEO player
– White Hat SEO techniques in accordance with Google guidelines
– An ecological approach to combine SEO performance and digital ecology
– Well-detailed periodic reports for transparent collaboration
– SEO training for a more inclusive collaboration with my clients


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