Fresh review of EliteWritings company’s services and products

Students who are actively involved in any extracurricular activities, like sports, often don’t get the school or college work done on time. If you are facing a similar problem, then you might consider hiring an expert to lend you a hand.

In case you have come across Elite Writings, a seemingly popular service provider, then you need to be aware. Though the website of this academic writing service provider is quite appealing, things are different when you become a customer.

When you are spending a good chunk of your pocket money for help, you want real help and not some scam. You surely don’t want an incorrect piece of content that would be rejected quickly. Sadly, this is what I got when I tried this service.

Here you can read my legit feedback on EliteWritings and make a smart decision. You are free to give your rating to them, but unfortunately, ours is not good.

Services Offered by

The company offers a wide array of business and academic writing services. It also provides professional editing services for people who are unsure about their English level. I focused on judging their academic writing services. The list includes, but is not limited to, research papers, PowerPoint presentations, essays, thesis, term papers, and dissertation.

I spent about 15 dollars for a task and gave them about two weeks’ deadline. I got the content a day before the deadline. As expected, the content was not up to the mark. It was clear from a single glance that the work was done by a non-native English speaker who didn’t bother to do much research. Some of the work was even copied directly from a source, every single word of it.

The Customer Support Provided by

As you might have guessed, we took up the matter to the customer service team of After waiting patiently for a few minutes, we ended up with standard answers that made me suspect I was talking to a machine pretending to be a human.

Lack of Promo Codes

In case you are after discounts or a promo code to buy a high-priced service at low rates, then you are out of luck. I searched the Internet thoroughly and couldn’t find any coupon codes or discounts. Only one result seemed to be true, and that too had a prior expiry date.

The prices offered by Elite Writings seem to be worth it if you get real work done. Unfortunately, you will probably end up losing your money for a plagiarized copy with a fake report.

The writers seem to love shortcuts and won’t do the work they are paid to do. They are just there to scam you.

Legit Feedback Says It All

To strengthen my claims that Elite Writings is nothing but another fraud, I looked at some testimonials and customer reviews, for example, this video:

As they were shared by legit users, there is no doubt that they are real. One person reported that his essay was the same as a friend’s paper who bought the same service. Your teacher/professor would surely give you both a bad grade if that happened to you, isn’t that right?

Another user reported that the writer was unable to understand the work and delivered content which was of no use. If the writers can’t even understand the questions, how can they hope to answer them?

Anyways, this brings me to the end of this review. You are free to try the services of on your own and be your judge. This review is aimed at enlightening you, not decide for you.

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