Pizza Party! How to Write Tasty Website Content

1. Answer the big questions: Oh hey, remember this tip from writing your core content? The best blog topics to make your customers AND search engines happy is answering questions people ask about your products or services. If your customer service team or contact emails reveal common questions, turn them into topics. You can take a question from your FAQs and turn it into a great blog post.

How to write copy for high-converting website pages in B2B

Build your pizza: how to write tasty website content

That dreamy slice may be your top pick because of the specialty crust, but it isn’t only great because of the crust. If the sauce, cheese, or toppings don’t work, a savoury crust goes to waste. It’s the glorious harmony of these key ingredients that makes the perfect pie.

illustration of a hand on an empty pizza dough

The Crust

Your website’s crust is your core content. It’s the reason customers come to you: what you sell or do that solves a problem they have. You couldn’t properly represent your business online without it.

When we help clients gather their content for a new web design, we get them to start with their core content. You talk about your products or services all day, either within your team or with customers. This is the place you’re a subject matter expert, so it’s often the easiest to write.

5 Tips to Write Strong Core Content

1. Write like a human: Refer to the list in the top section to find the ideal writing style. Your website is for your customers, so you need to describe products and services in the words they would use and understand. Avoid industry-speak and technical jargon, then check yourself by having a friend outside your industry read your copy to see if it makes sense to them.

Envisio is a cloud-based strategic planning platform that’s popular with government organizations. Their copy is easy to read for the type of person who might be great at strategic planning, but not an expert in software:

screenshot showing envisio

2. Make it all about them: Rather than just describing what you do or offer, describe the direct benefit to your customer. How will it make their daily life better, easier, or more efficient? If you focus on writing about desirable outcomes, you stand a better chance of making the conversion.

A well-written case study isn’t just quickly describing what you did and why you’re awesome. It should allow the reader to see how you helped a business like theirs achieve an exciting outcome, so that they can see how you might do the same for them.

3. Less is more: Even if you have a complex product, such as software, your main pages shouldn’t look like a wall of copy. The goal of B2B core content is to start the conversation – get the customer to make contact.

If you need to share heavy details like product specs or troubleshooting guides, you can offer that information in creative ways that don’t overwhelm everyone else viewing that page: expandable content blocks on individual product pages, downloads, FAQs, or a Resources page.

Motio offers custom software that improves the experience of using complex business intelligence software. Their simple, human overviews make the benefits super clear! And if a visitor wants to know more, they have product detail pages with overviews and downloads.

screenshot showing motio

4. Answer the big questions: Speaking of FAQs – use your data on the questions customers ask to provide that information up front. Some websites have an FAQs page, while others include FAQs on each product or service. Remember that your website serves visitors 24/7. Providing answers outside office hours, when someone is researching your business, can help you get that lead instead of a competitor.

5. Boost it with social proof: You don’t have to write all of the words on your website. In fact, testimonials can increase conversions by 34%! Rounding up Google and Facebook reviews, or soliciting testimonials from clients, can give you an excellent piece of core content to improve your product and service pages.

illustration of a pizza crust covered in sauce

The Sauce

McDonald’s definitely didn’t invent the idea of a secret sauce – but most people first hear the expression from fast food marketing. Jack in the Box has Jack’s Secret Sauce, and KFC has its 11 mysterious herbs and spices.

4 Tips to Write Saucy Standout Content

1. Write like a human: Yes, I’m repeating myself. But that’s because there are so many awesome companies with websites that sound uptight, convoluted, or just nothing like their brand. Talk about your differentiator to a friend, and pay attention to which parts make you both the most excited or interested.

Tools for Better Writing

I can’t teach you a course on writing in this post, although I have experience with that! But I do get that you might be nervous about your ability to string sentences together. Honestly, the best thing to do is get it all out, then read it aloud to yourself and get a friend to read it as well.

Hopefully these insights put you on the ‘write’ track (humour me, it’s been a long post) toward great website content! Remember to be human, address the things your customers care about, and make it mobile-friendly. When in doubt, reach out! We’d love to help you serve up tasty content to your customers.

Pam Berg

With backgrounds in journalism, computer forensics, and public libraries, it’s no wonder Pam’s obsessed with uncovering the hidden stories in data and developing strategies. Writing long-form optimized articles is her other jam. Her Instagram feed is equal parts horses, waffles, and drag queens.

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Create a Site Map

Next, as you audit your content, set aside time to create a custom site map as well. Your content audit uncovers opportunities and weaknesses that need to be addressed during the creation of your new website. A site map ensures you have a clear picture of how current and future content work in tandem to provide an excellent experience for the end-user.

While it’s time-consuming, mapping your current website reveals how visitors navigate your website. Then, it’s up to you to build with this in mind—organizing your content to direct website visitors towards conversion opportunities.

If you’re in need of a tool to create a visual sitemap, we use and recommend Gloomaps. This tool will help you organize your thoughts and content. With a more robust website, you may only need to focus your sitemap on the main website pages. The point of this exercise is to bring clarity, not bog things down.

You will understand how your current navigation works.

You will identify content gaps.

Take note of the content you’re missing, for example, a newer product that never got a dedicated product page or supporting blog content on a major product. Identify the content you need to create and determine if it’s essential content you need now or a future effort to account for at a later date.

You’ll find pages that are now irrelevant.

Highly effective marketing teams treat their website as a living, breathing marketing asset. As a result, there are often many pages created and sometimes pages that become forgotten. Identifying these pages will save you time, so you don’t just recreate every page on your existing website.

Conduct Keyword Research

You’ve audited your content and created a site map. Now, if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to conduct keyword research. This step provides deeper insight into how your current content is performing. Your keyword research will give you a baseline from which you can grow.

Additionally, it’s another opportunity to look at more potential content gaps. If there are high-intent keywords you aren’t ranking for, this is a prime opportunity. Create a content roadmap to rank for more keywords that will drive revenue.

If you’re looking for a tool, we use and highly recommend SEMRush . They have a 14-day free trial and free training academy , so you can quickly get started and make sure it’s the right fit for you. There are other programs available like MOZ and Ahrefs too. Within SEMRush, create a Site Project, and run a website audit. From there, review your organic keywords. This helps you to identify the keywords you are currently ranking for.

Leave Your Content As It Is

If your content is ranking well, or if the content isn’t a high-priority piece of content, just pull it over to the new site. If you set up your redirects correctly, you shouldn’t take too much of a hit in your search engine ranking.

Repurpose the Content

If your content is ranking, but you need it to rank higher, add more information to existing content and republish it as new content. Since Google prioritizes genuinely helpful content, this should help you rank higher.

Build Internal and External Links


What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. It refers to the process search engines use to decide what results they display, and the order in which they display them when someone conducts a search. As part of that process, they are also trying to display what someone is truly seeking when conducting their search.

To achieve marketing success for your product or webpage on Google or Amazon (or other search engines), you must thus provide on your webpage or product page exactly what customers are searching for. For example, imagine seeking an answer to the question: “What is SEO?” on Google. Below the paid advertisements, Google lists the search results that best respond to your query.

A search result that appears organically in response to searches brings with it a greater amount of authority and credibility than a paid advertiser would, and a customer conducting the search is more likely to trust and use that result. Therefore, to ensure success, your web page or product page must provide customers with exactly what they are looking for through the right titling, content, and purchasing experience. You do this by simply knowing what, when, and how people search for different products or services and then provide it to them.

The secret sauce of long-term and significant success online is being able to match your product to customers’ changing needs and wants while efficiently navigating the complex algorithms that search engines use to choose what to display from the numerous options available once a customer makes a search.

Effective SEO strategy requires the right tools and skill sets across a spectrum of disciplines – from marketing to tech. Still, it is not some code that one can easily crack due to the secrecy with which search engines construct the landscape and because they keep tweaking their algorithms.


How to write a CV

If there is a specific achievement or experience you wish to embellish on, you can use your professional cover letter which should always accompany your job application to do so. In a cover letter the candidate has the opportunity to give further explanations or details which could convince the hiring manager to add your name to the interview list.

job add skills

How to write a CV

A CV, which stands for curriculum vitae, is a document used when applying for jobs. It allows you to summarise your education, skills and experience enabling you to successfully sell your abilities to potential employers. Alongside your CV employers also usually ask for a cover letter.

That said one size doesn’t fit all. For example, a school leaver or recent graduate with minimal experience may only need to use one side of A4. Although not used as often, a three-page CV might be needed for those in high-level roles or for people who have gained a lot of experience or worked in multiple jobs over the last five to ten years. For example, some medical or academic CVs may be longer depending on your experience. While it’s important to keep your CV concise you should also avoid selling your experience short.

To save space only include the main points of your education and experience. Stick to relevant information and don’t repeat what you’ve said in your cover letter. If you’re struggling to edit your CV ask yourself if certain information sells you. If it doesn’t cut it out. If it’s not relevant to the job you’re applying for delete it and if it’s old detail from ten years ago summarise it.

What to include in a CV

  • Contact details – Include your full name, home address, mobile number and email address. Your date of birth is irrelevant and unless you’re applying for an acting or modelling job you don’t need to include a photograph.
  • Profile – A CV profile is a concise statement that highlights your key attributes and helps you stand out from the crowd. Usually placed at the beginning of a CV it picks out a few relevant achievements and skills, while expressing your career aims. A good CV profile focuses on the sector you’re applying to, as your cover letter will be job-specific. Keep CV personal statements short and snappy – 100 words is the perfect length. Discover how to write a personal statement for your CV.
  • Education – List and date all previous education, including professional qualifications. Place the most recent first. Include qualification type/grades, and the dates. Mention specific modules only where relevant.
  • Work experience – List your work experience in reverse date order, making sure that anything you mention is relevant to the job you’re applying for. Include your job title, the name of the company, how long you were with the organisation and key responsibilities. If you have plenty of relevant work experience, this section should come before education.
  • Skills and achievements – This is where you talk about the foreign languages you speak and the IT packages you can competently use. The key skills that you list should be relevant to the job. Don’t exaggerate your abilities, as you’ll need to back up your claims at interview. If you’ve got lots of job-specific skills you should do a skills-based CV.
  • Interests – ‘Socialising’, ‘going to the cinema’ and ‘reading’ aren’t going to catch a recruiters attention. However, relevant interests can provide a more complete picture of who you are, as well as giving you something to talk about at interview. Examples include writing your own blog or community newsletters if you want to be a journalist, being part of a drama group if you’re looking to get into sales and your involvement in climate change activism if you’d like an environmental job. If you don’t have any relevant hobbies or interests leave this section out.
  • References – You don’t need to provide the names of referees at this stage. You can say ‘references available upon request’ but most employers would assume this to be the case so if you’re stuck for space you can leave this out.
  • Avoid titling the document ‘curriculum vitae’ or ‘CV‘. It’s a waste of space. Instead let your name serve as the title.
  • Section headings are a good way to break up your CV. Ensure they stand out by making them larger (font size 14 or 16) and bold.
  • Avoid fonts such as Comic Sans. Choose something professional, clear and easy to read such Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman. Use a font size between 10 and 12 to make sure that potential employers can read your CV. Ensure all fonts and font sizes are consistent throughout.
  • List everything in reverse chronological order. Then the recruiter sees your work history and most recent achievements first.
  • Keep it concise by using clear spacing and bullet points. This type of CV layout allows potential employers to skim your CV and quickly pick out important information first.
  • Name the document when saving – Don’t just save as ‘Document 1’. Make sure the title of the document is professional and identifies you, such as ‘Joe-Smith-CV’.
  • Unless the job advert states differently (for example, it may ask you to provide your CV and cover letter as a Word document) save with a .PDF file extension to make sure it can be opened and read on any machine.
  • If you’re posting your CV, print it on white A4 paper – Only print on one side and don’t fold your CV – you don’t want it to arrive creased.

Pick the Best CV Format

CV: Proper Order of Sections

Pro Tip: If you’re fresh out of uni and need to write a student CV with no experience, or if you’ve graduated from a very prestigious institution within the last 5 years, put your education section above your work experience.

Choose clear, legible fonts

Be consistent with your CV layout

Don’t cram your CV with gimmicky graphics

Get photos off of your CV

Make your CV brief and relevant

Sample CV Format with Formatting Rules

Pro Tip: Once you’ve finished writing, save your CV in PDF to make sure your CV layout stays intact. But pay close attention to the job description. Some employers won’t accept a PDF CV. If such is the case, send your CV in Word.

How to Format Your CV

  • Keep it one page in length – You should only go for 2 pages if you’re confident you can’t summarize yourself in 1 page. Don’t waste your precious CV real estate on your life story – no one’s going to read it!
  • Clear and consistent section heading – Keep the colors, font size, headings consistent so that it’s easy on the eyes. We’d recommend using a font that stands out, but not too much. Do use: Ubuntu, Roboto, Overpass, etc. Don’t use: comic sense.
  • White-space – Make sure there are enough margins and space between the text so that the whole thing is easy on the eyes.
  • Keep the details clear – pick the right font size (14-16pt for section titles, 11-12pt for normal text).
  • Finally, save your resume as PDF, as Word might change up your CV formatting.

traditional vs modern cv

CV templates

Each profession and industry has different requirements when it comes to hiring new staff which means a successful UK CV template for your sector or role can give you an excellent opportunity to use HR-approved tools and advice in order to design and make an outstanding example of a good CV.

In addition to helping candidates make their CV much faster and easier than if they were to do so from scratch, CV templates also allow the jobseeker to understand what is necessary to include in a curriculum vitae for their preferred profession.

Our library of CV templates has a wide range of types for various sectors and diverse occupations using expert career advice for candidates to make a CV with the relevant information and the right layout in order to land the interview.

CV templates take the necessary factors into consideration for each role and are adaptable for each individual to create a unique winning CV with expert tips to achieve an easy-to-read, comprehensive and straightforward CV that shows the employer exactly what he or she needs to know about the applicant in the highlighted sections and ensures excellent formatting without having to do it yourself!


Fresh review of EliteWritings company’s services and products

Students who are actively involved in any extracurricular activities, like sports, often don’t get the school or college work done on time. If you are facing a similar problem, then you might consider hiring an expert to lend you a hand.

In case you have come across Elite Writings, a seemingly popular service provider, then you need to be aware. Though the website of this academic writing service provider is quite appealing, things are different when you become a customer.

When you are spending a good chunk of your pocket money for help, you want real help and not some scam. You surely don’t want an incorrect piece of content that would be rejected quickly. Sadly, this is what I got when I tried this service.

Here you can read my legit feedback on EliteWritings and make a smart decision. You are free to give your rating to them, but unfortunately, ours is not good.

Services Offered by

The company offers a wide array of business and academic writing services. It also provides professional editing services for people who are unsure about their English level. I focused on judging their academic writing services. The list includes, but is not limited to, research papers, PowerPoint presentations, essays, thesis, term papers, and dissertation.

I spent about 15 dollars for a task and gave them about two weeks’ deadline. I got the content a day before the deadline. As expected, the content was not up to the mark. It was clear from a single glance that the work was done by a non-native English speaker who didn’t bother to do much research. Some of the work was even copied directly from a source, every single word of it.

The Customer Support Provided by

As you might have guessed, we took up the matter to the customer service team of After waiting patiently for a few minutes, we ended up with standard answers that made me suspect I was talking to a machine pretending to be a human.

Lack of Promo Codes

In case you are after discounts or a promo code to buy a high-priced service at low rates, then you are out of luck. I searched the Internet thoroughly and couldn’t find any coupon codes or discounts. Only one result seemed to be true, and that too had a prior expiry date.

The prices offered by Elite Writings seem to be worth it if you get real work done. Unfortunately, you will probably end up losing your money for a plagiarized copy with a fake report.

The writers seem to love shortcuts and won’t do the work they are paid to do. They are just there to scam you.

Legit Feedback Says It All

To strengthen my claims that Elite Writings is nothing but another fraud, I looked at some testimonials and customer reviews, for example, this video:

As they were shared by legit users, there is no doubt that they are real. One person reported that his essay was the same as a friend’s paper who bought the same service. Your teacher/professor would surely give you both a bad grade if that happened to you, isn’t that right?

Another user reported that the writer was unable to understand the work and delivered content which was of no use. If the writers can’t even understand the questions, how can they hope to answer them?

Anyways, this brings me to the end of this review. You are free to try the services of on your own and be your judge. This review is aimed at enlightening you, not decide for you.

Examine These Companies If you are Searching for Trustworthy Authoring Support

The segment develops with a great number of document copywriting companies. Some of them are responsible, while other businesses aren’t. Despite the fact that each and every website has a rank, this isn’t usually a dependable indicator.

That’s seeing that every single university student has a few objectives in regards to the completion of an academic work. Accordingly, you have to have a peek at different essay websites previous to picking out one. This way, you can understand whether or not this will fulfill your specifications or the several other way around. We highly recommend you pay attention to these five paper firms, in the process. One of those may be the suitable fit for your demands.


In lines with the info listed on their web page, has considerable expertise in the realm of essay penning. It offers the usual variety of services, which include documents of most of academic degrees – high-school to graduate, presentations, term documents, and the work you may be needed to execute as a college or university university student.

At once, when exploring for customer reviews on CoolEssay, we saw that it lets you to choose your wanted copywriter. As you can imagine, every writer focuses primarily on a certain topic. As a result, the point that produces this element is effective, particularly if you need to ensure that the work you have is taken on by a qualified professional.

Moving on, user reviews on Cool Essay is on the advantageous part, which is calming for learners. When it comes to Cool Essay price ranges, they range considerably on the target date and the trouble level of the document.


As reported by Essay Edge’s official website, the website hires expert article writers only. In this way, they can be 100 percent comfortable that the quality offered by is best suited. Aside from college freelance writing, which incorporates term reports, articles, application papers, case studies, and so forth, gives editing and proofreading features, likewise.

Subsequent to hunting for reputable client reviews of EssayEdge, we recognised that this service is dedicated to respecting the customer’s information. What about price reductions and bonus coupon codes – can learners profit from price range reductions? Yes. Genuinely, Essay Edge has an original commitment plan, and therefore, the more essays you order, the more dollars you could cut back. Moving forward to the user service, we can declare it is available 24 / 7.


Just like companies mentioned formerly, offers the basic document offerings, as well. Which means you can obtain qualified assist with your entry pieces of paper, custom papers, research papers, and the listing may well proceed on. Though the Grademiners pricing are quite usual, they mostly could depend on the complexity of your work.

Grade Miners allowed us to interact with their authors via Skype, which is a unique attribute. The important aim of this practice integrated by is to make sure that article writer recognizes what the customer expects of the task.

Together, we were in a position to pick out our favored copywriter. As to customer feedback on GradeMiners, they mention that orders are delivered on time.



Shifting to our fourth suggestions of article firm, we want to discuss This website’s status is established in line with its client testimonials on BuyEssayOnline, and the options Buy Essay Online grants. With regards to the range of services supplied by, we can mention that you can get aid with a variety of academic reports.

The price ranges are on the low-average part, indicating that you won’t sense that you’ve been overcharged. As well, you could possibly reap the benefits of a promo code as a revisiting client, which signifies Buy Essay Online appreciates dedication.


  1. explains to its customer base that it hires highly qualified article authors purely. Additionally, Studybay promises that just about every paper is clear of plagiarism, and totally looked at ahead of being distributed to the user.

A lot like different businesses available in the market, the price tags differ considerably. The urgency of the deadline day and the complexity degree of the article are the significant aspects that establish the rate you’ll buy your paper. Following researching the Internet for information in relation to Studybay, we completed that the ratings of Studybay is positive.


We are comfortable that you’ve observed our analysis document advantageous. While these firms are worthwhile thinking about, you should really determine dependant upon your finances and prerequisites.

Read This Overview of EssayPro Website is an authoring service that has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom, and it has been presenting articles to students for around 8 years. We have gained a number of requests for a professional review of EssayPro so that upcoming consumers will learn what things to count on from this internet site in their search online for educative aid. To be able to create this evaluation, we investigated both the content material found on their internet site in addition to the customer opinions found on different independent internet sites. To place a lid on issues, we moreover made our own purchase for an essay that we will use as real verification for our assessment. Here is what one could expect from EssayPro.

Writing Level

We opted for four-page long article for a critique, one with an available theme and the lengthiest deadline offered (14 days). This was in order to avoid having unconventional conditions that may affect the product quality in whatever way. We required the order to be linked with what a regular student would demand.

What we noticed upon gaining the paper was, pretty sure, one of the undesirable bits of freelance writing we’ve ever seen from a company of this sort. There were lots of sentence structure mistakes, cases of weak grammar and incorrect word usage, bad sources, basic formulations and the list could go on. It is clear that the business uses non-native English speakers that are not prepared for the duties given.

Looking at other buyer critiques, it may seem like we were not the only ones with a upsetting experience. Far from what feedback claim.


The User Help Team – Are They Helpful?

Just a thing we liked in regards to this webpage is that the people on the other end were not rude maniacs attempting to get rid of us. They were highly well mannered and did their absolute best to present us promise – even when the copy writers weren’t as helpful. They softly analyzed each and every one of our questions, and though they may not have nailed all of them, they at least made an effort.


The Price level – Is It Attractive?

The main reason why we all went to is basically because they advertise what exactly we’re attempting to find: low-priced articles. And they are really low price. Prices get started approximately $9 per page for a high school level paper and $16 per page for a university level material. For our college-level essay, we were asked to pay $11 – which would have been pretty neat if the article quality wasn’t so bad. We couldn’t find any special discounts page, but it’s possible that we just missed it for the reason that site is very hard to browse through. We couldn’t find a promo code or any discount coupons either.

EssayPro is not fraud or scam considering that we were supplied our essay by the due date. On the other hand, while the price range can be quite attractive, we don’t feel that article would have received a fine grade. Simply because we think the past customer testimonials were faked, we can only provide it a score of “Fair” to “Poor.”

Check Out Which Essay Services Modern Students Prefer

Once graduate college students desire penning aid, they must prioritize standard, price range, and timeliness. Only some writing company has what is needed to meet up with the needs of graduate college students. Some lay emphasis on large price ranges offering lower price rates and discount coupons. The sad thing is a coupon code only is not able to compensate for inadequate grade copywriting. In the same vein, a website might gain superb customer evaluations with regard to writing standard, but have price levels that are basically sky high.

Hence, what can occupy, overloaded graduate university students do? They could continue reading! We’ve gone through customer past customer testimonials, looked over each and every assessment we can uncover, and investigated sites of a multitude of educational copywriting services. The below five firms satisfy our score key elements to receive a place on our top five selection of composing companies for graduate learners. Not just are these not a fraud or scam, they go over and above to match graduate university students’ exceptional educational necessities.

  1. TopEssayWriting


We are putting in this article basically because they have won a status amongst students for supplying high quality school penning in most of the most extremely innovative subjects in universities. They supply a handful of offerings designed particularly toward graduate college students. These comprise of capstone tasks, individual statements, and thesis and dissertation help.


  1. EssayTigers


This article writing website does well in just about every field that grad college students care most about. They have easily affordable charges, seriously licensed article writers, and the offerings that greater grade students usually need to have. They are available for research article composing, scholastic documents, critiques, personal statements, dissertations, and several other remarkably searched offerings.


  1. Custom-Writing


In addition to this writing organization supply features exclusively designed for graduate university students, they manage this step at a cost-effective price level. This is a bonus offer to college students who are going through on part-time employment, small assistantship pay, or college grants. In addition, there is always a coupon or promo code for students to make use of. The composing services offered consist of dissertation and thesis guidance, papers, lab reports, research documents, and many others.


  1. ThesisHelp


This company makes a proficiency of two of the features that graduate college students ask for most. This is thesis and dissertation copywriting. They have academic pros who can aid university students on the lookout for complex levels utilizing almost any level of thesis and dissertations. Including investigation, building instruments, and getting ready for the procedure for defending the thesis or dissertation ahead of a school committee.


  1. WritersPerHour


The 5th firm on our listing is as well definitely worth interest. They supply several services that high degree university students are seeking. These comprise of capstone projects, school documents, and alternative choices. They also deliver editing, proofreading, and rewriting features.



Any one of these top five article writing websites for graduate students are worthy of consideration. We urge graduate university students consider these if they will need educational guidance.

These are 3 of the Best Websites for Students to Consider for Writing Their Essay

These are 3 of the Best Websites for Students to Consider for Writing Their Essay 
Many online essay writing services keep popping up all over the web. Because of this, students are forced to look through hundreds – even thousands – of choices for the best websites that can provide their academic writing needs. For this very purpose, we have compiled 3 of the best essay writing service reviews from around the internet. These reviews cover the most trusted sites that provide writing services. This is not just an average appraisal of their services. It is also a complete assessment of the company in its entirety.

If you are a student, you must do your due diligence when it comes to choosing essay writing services. Before you start paying random essay writing websites, you must check to see if they really have what you need. These 3 comprehensive reviews will cover every inch of the company’s website, as well as their ability to provide legitimate and professional work. These sites have been assessed according to the quality of the services they render.

  • Writing Daddy
  • Trust Essays
  • Essay Supply

The companies that were mentioned have been comprehensively checked for the secure use of student buyers. Before choosing which site you wish to use, you must consider several aspects of their business. It may be hard for students to get a good glimpse of who will be writing their paper, which means they have to look for other ways to look into the services of a paper writing company.

When choosing the best online essay writing services, students must remember several important factors. They must look through these review thoroughly and see which of these 3 companies can give them what they’re looking for.

What should you consider when choosing a custom essay writing company?

  • Before choosing a writing service for an academic paper, students must do some research by reading in-depth reviews about the services of a specific company. The company must be capable of delivering an essay that is both original and exceptional. If you need a certain type of paper, e.g. term paper, consider checking college term paper writing services reviews.
  • The 3 essay writing service companies below can give students free drafts, so that the students can see the quality of the work for themselves.
  • Students must check how long the company has been operational.
  • The online essay writing service must have round-the-clock customer service representatives on hand.
  • The companies we mentioned also offer unlimited revisions, without any added fees.
  • Their production process guarantees complete customer satisfaction.
  • Students should push for communication with the writer assigned to them.
  • The company must deliver papers that are free from plagiarism or copyright infringement.

The information stated above is derived from previous comments and user testimonials from student forums and analysis reports from the review site’s employees. This means that all of these sites are fit for use for any student, who wishes to avail of their services. They have reached the standards and ratings needed to be dubbed as the most trusted online essay writing services in the writing business.

There is a legitimate need for essay writing services, especially now that more and more clients are looking to them to provide their writing needs. Clients are looking for legitimate providers of essays, term papers, thesis, and other writing projects. There are many reasons why students should choose these companies – the most important of all being that they cannot write their own in time or in a proper manner. There are those who do not have the skills necessary to produce a good paper on time as well. In terms of researching, students end up wasting more time without the applicable knowledge needed to gather data. The scores they get on their papers are vital to their future in universities, colleges, and high schools. This is why they need to get a service that delivers exemplary papers that can get them push their grade point average to an acceptable, if not impressive, level.

How to Recognize a Bad Writing Service

Purchasing writing services online is the latest trend. Many students choose this option in order to enhance their grades, when they are short of time, especially. Since this has become a common practice, there are many, many companies of this kind, some being, indeed, legit and reliable, while, others being the exact opposite.
In this direction, we would like to give you some tips on how to detect such a service, so that you don’t get to test it on your own skin, as some might say. Also, it is good decision to read various essay writing services reviews which can help you find reliable writing companies.

Pay attention to the layout and content of the website

MyAssignmentHelp is a writing service whose website isn’t organized neatly. To make matters worse, the content on the site is poorly written, which couldn’t be a sign of professionalism.

Furthermore, the services mentioned on this website aren’t presented clearly. For instance, when we wanted to see more information regarding each particular service, we weren’t able to find anything comprehensive and helpful.
While evaluating the dissertation help section, we encountered information regarding homework help. Really confusing.

Meanwhile, placing an order is also confusing; you might need the assistance of a customer service assistant. All in all, our rating for this service is low.

Evaluate writers’ preparation level

It goes without saying that the preparation level of the writers has a direct influence on the quality of the writing. Thus, it makes sense to make sure that the writers are experienced.

For instance, Awriter is a writing service that claims to hire only native English speakers who possess Ph.D. and master’s degrees. However, we suspect this claim isn’t true, taking into account that the website is filled with grammatical errors.

Furthermore, although isn’t fraud or scam, the quality of the papers reflects similar mistakes, which merely confirms our concern that the writers aren’t as qualified as the company informs its users.

Search for customer reviews

Customer reviews and testimonials come in handy when you want to hire an expert writer for an academic assignment. For example, in the case of NoNeedToStudy, the reviews on the internet highlighted concerns regarding their money back guarantee, which, unfortunately, isn’t respected.

Customer support

Although many companies claim that they provide 24/7 customer support service, this is, often, far from being accurate. That is the case of EffectivePapers. We contacted the phone line for several times at different hours, and many times, it wasn’t active, which is a serious concern, considering the importance of communication.

Late delivery

Our review for EssayEmpire isn’t positive either. Papers are delivered last minute, which means that there isn’t much time left for revisions. It is no surprise that the rating for this service is average or low.

Exaggerated pricing system

There are also companies that have an offensive pricing system, such as NoNeedToStudy. Each order has an individual price, which is typically appalling, as mentioned in most customer reviews. On top of that, there aren’t any considerable discounts, coupon codes or promo code for loyal or first-time customers. Plus, the prices certainly don’t match the quality of the papers.

Personal Statement

I have always been fascinated by the diversity of businesses since I was a child. Most of the family members along my genealogical ancestry studied economics, and I like to think that it has become more of a family tradition. My parents let me chart my path, and only guided me so that I would become successful in life.

Due to my passion that developed as a child in high school, I started thinking about the idea of running a business from a simple idea to the multinational level corporations like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Since that time, I set myself to learn the principles of economics. I could only learn from the best. Therefore, I started studying successful companies and what made their clock tick every dawn to dusk. The most preferred source of information was the Wall Street in Manhattan.

When looking for a college to join, I began an early search. I learnt interesting facts about many tertiary institutions and settled on Hamilton College. The school offers economics, and its students are sent to intern at the Wall Street. It has notable alumni who have made great contributions to America’s economy, whom I found by Google search in Bestdissertation reviews. I am a student of French, considering that it is a beautiful language, and I would like to visit Paris frequently, or work there. The school offers a strong French major that I would like to take. These facts sparked interest in the Hamilton College. I believe that it is my best option.

Observational Study of Market Place As a Public Space with Cultural

A public space is a social space that is generally open and accessible to people. This may include public squares, Public markets, parks and beaches. Public spaces play critical role in shaping the people`s integration. They enhances integration by bring people of diverse cultural background together and this is an ingredient of sustainability of a society. Market places are spaces for economic, social and cultural contacts and exchange. These spaces takes many forms which may include open air markets, streets, purpose-built markets, periodic markets or permanent and mobile markets (Pena 72).

Market as a public space is important in encouraging inter-culture, inter-racial and ethnic contacts in our immigrant receiving societies (Amin 959). Market places therefore are potential public spaces which serve as sites of meaningful interaction between diverse groups of people. Since time in memorial, market places have been instrumental in cultural exchanges of the people of different cultural backgrounds who meet there for different activities. As noted by McMillan, “markets have been around as long as history and have always been spaces of cultural growth and reinvention” (5). Watson highlighted the significance of market places as sites of forming social bonds among people of different ethnicities (1586). Despite this role of bringing diverse people together, market places have also negative effects on our social life. For example, slave trade in Africa started in African colonial markets. (Ahluwalia 44-133). This illustrates the negative effects that markets may have on our ways of life. Below is a study that demonstrates the cultural significance of a market place as a public space.


Examination of Biases and Assumption in the Study

There was a generalization that all market places are public spaces open to all but this is not the case as some markets are private and only opened to a given group of people. It was assumed that in all market places there are diverse groups of people with different cultural background interacting but in essence some market places you may find almost everyone belonging to just one cultural background. Thus such market lacks cultural diversity. It was assumed that the different ethnic groups in any given market will interact freely but in some cases animosity among different groups was noted. There was the assumption that the different method of research would give appropriate results but some methods give inappropriate findings.



The main methods of my study were through direct observations, interviewing and issuing of questionnaires. Direct observation was the main method of data collection. I spent a lot of time observing how different groups of people with different cultural backgrounds interacted in the market place. How their interactions shaped their ways of life. This was mainly through the observation of their attire, hair style, different arts on their bodies like tattooing and piercing of body parts. I also conducted interviews on the different people whom I had observed as having been affected by this cultural interactions. This was through asking them questions on their cultural practices and how their interactions with other people at the market affected their culture. I also issued some questionnaire to some traders in the market place, this was meant to confirm what I had observed.


Limitations of the study

There were limitations in the use of the questionnaire as different respondents had different interpretation of some of the questions asked. The questionnaire method also was not able to provide interpretations of the respondents’ emotions, feelings and behaviors. Some of the respondent in this study were also very sensitive. They hide information that they were uncomfortable to give. The direct observation method was also faced with limitation as some people behaved differently when they knew they were being studied.



In my findings it was clear that market places creates a public space with cultural significance in the community. They are safe, lively and inviting public spaces in which people of diverse cultural backgrounds interacts. In addition to ethnicity diversity, I also observed there is age, social class, religion diversity in the market place which also are of cultural significance. It was also observed that apart from the core activity of buying and selling, the market also provides social places where people hang out. In these sites people of diverse cultural background were found interacting freely. This enhanced cultural integration of these people. There was a lot of borrowing of behaviors and ways of life in these settings. The cultural borrowing that were noted in these sites included people coping other people way of greeting each other, the clothing designs, language, different body arts like tattooing and piercing body parts. On my interview to some, this interaction in this site was also found to promote intermarriages among people of different cultural background. This interaction have also resulted to some changing their religion believes and practices.


Cultural Significance of Market Places

From the research that has been done with the help of the paper writing website  online, it was evident that market places plays the role as a point of contact of people of diverse cultures. Alhuwalia described market places as where, “disparate people meet in order to carry out their local way of life” (Alhuwalia 142). This contact has implications on the social integration of the people, influencing their identities and relationships. There is also a lot of influences among different cultures in the market places. On identity, market places shapes the identity of the people interacting in them. These interactions creates and reinforces a feeling of sameness among these people. This feeling of sameness results to actions like intermarriages and changing of religion believes. These two acts results to adoption of different cultural practices. Geana describe how Caripathian folk fair created Romanian national consciousness. The periodic markets allowed for inter-marriages and kinship ties across the three distinct political territories. There was entrenchment of common religion and cultural practices as well as linguistic homogeneity (Geana 91-110). This demonstrates the convergence of social practices which results from contacts in the market places. The interactions in the market place between the majority and new immigrants’ cultures has been shown to challenge and to change the majority culture (Olsson 56). Market places are also instruments of transculturation. The local community comes into contact with global commodities (Alhuwalia 138). Market places also serve as avenues of selling people cultures to visitors. Cultural capital. Craftspeople and vendors offers products that appear authentic to specific audience exploiting the desire for cultural capital (Hindman 79-663). This is an avenue of spreading a given cultural heritage to different places. This act have resulted in adoption of some cultural aspect of one community by another community. Markets places a role of social integration in the societies why there is ethnic animosity. In the wake for London’s race riots in 2001, the Queens Market, a multi-ethnic open market in the ethnically diverse neighborhood of Newham was the target of a development plan (Dines). In addition, market places serves as avenue of social inclusion. This maybe between people of different cultural backgrounds, immigrants and between the majority groups and the minorities. The interactions in the market places on the other hand can bring about negative results which may include moral decay, social discriminations, reinforcement of differences and inequality. This is caused by unequal power dynamics that often stymie meaningful interaction.



Market place as a public space have served well in bringing disparate groups of people together. It is a place of open exchange where social rules and status are suspended. Anthropologists and sociologists have debated and found the significance of cultural and social meaning of buying and selling in market place and the implication of this interaction to the diverse cultural backgrounds. A market creates an equal ground for diverse groups of people regardless of their class, social status, cultural and ethnicity background to interact freely. They are sites of social inclusion; theatricality and mediating differences (Watson 1581). This interaction brings about identity and integration. There is a lot of cultural exchange and understanding. Therefore market place as a setting is a public space with a lot of cultural significance.